UK student loans for international students

The United Kingdom is home to many elite educational institutions and job prospects, yet access to such top-notch education is not free. Studying in the UK is renowned to be expensive (and that’s without even taking into account rent and other living expenses! ), with university courses easily topping £20,000 (US$24,830).


Therefore, it makes sense that a lot of UK students need financial assistance to complete their studies. Working while studying is a possibility, but what about international students’ access to UK student loans?

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Can international students get loans in the UK? 

The answer to this query is based on your citizenship, and it is fairly straightforward. As soon as the UK leaves the EU, it will also change.


EU citizens/Student loans UK

Your education costs will be limited if you are a student from a member state of the European Union, such as Italy, Germany, France, Spain, or Sweden. This means that the cost of your college education won’t exceed £9,250 each year.


Additionally, you’ll be qualified for a government student loan. If you’re taking an undergraduate course, this will pay your living expenses in addition to your tuition. You will be obliged to repay this UK education loan for international students in installments after you graduate; it will be paid to your university rather than directly to you.


You can get student financial aid if you have a wide range of degree kinds. These include, per, the following:


  • A first-level degree, such as a BA, BSc, or BEd


  • An undergraduate degree


  • A Higher Education Certificate


  • A higher education diploma (DipHE)


  • An Advanced National Certificate (HNC)


  • An Advanced National Diploma (HND)


  • A program for beginning teachers


  • A master’s degree that is integrated


  • A postgraduate healthcare course required before registration.


It’s interesting to note that if you are an EU student planning to attend school in Scotland, you might not have to pay any tuition. For first degrees and PGDE programs, the fees are reimbursed by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS).


International student loans UK 

We wish there was good news on this front, but regrettably there are no UK education loans available for students from outside the EU. Furthermore, your tuition expenses could be far higher than those of home students, with laboratory-based degrees expected to cost up to £30,000.


We wish there was good news on this front, but regrettably there are no UK education loans available for students from outside the EU. Furthermore, your tuition expenses could be far higher than those of home students, with laboratory-based degrees expected to cost up to £30,000.

Keeping in mind that you’ll need to show that you have £1,015 in your international student bank for each month of study up to nine months is important if you intend to study in the UK as an international student. If you’re studying in London, this amount rises to £1,265. Accordingly, before you can apply for a student visa, you must have between £9,135 and £11,385 saved up in your bank account (depending on where your university is located).

What then may foreign students do to support themselves while attending a UK university?


Working while studying in the UK 


Even though juggling employment and school might be challenging, especially if you’re studying abroad, it is one of the greatest methods to guarantee a reliable income if you are unable to apply for an international student loan. Even if your visa may limit you to a certain amount of hours, you can still work to put a little more money in your bank account.


You may work up to 20 hours per week throughout the term with an international student visa (Student route visa, formerly known as Tier 4). Short shifts that do not exceed this restriction are permitted for a number of casual jobs, including:


  • Retail worker
  • Receptionist
  • Waiter/barista/bartender
  • Shelf packer
  • Mystery shopper.

You are permitted to work full-time hours during UK vacation periods, nevertheless. This implies that you might take on higher-paying occupations like:

  • Private tutor
  • Sales representative
  • Event assistant
  • Call center operator
  • Amusement park staff member.

Apply for an international student loan

You may still apply for a loan to study abroad depending on your nation of origin. Such loans are available in the USA and Australia, however they might only be applicable to certain nations, programs, or colleges. This is probably the thing that most closely resembles an international student loan in the UK.

Consider an exchange program 

These can be an opportunity to try out the experience for up to a year, even though they might not be as lengthy as full-time study in the UK. You will need to confirm that your local university has an exchange program set up with a university in the UK, but if you are able to participate it might be a wonderful experience.

Apply for a scholarship 


If you’re an overseas student searching for a loan to study in the UK, this is probably your best opportunity to get a foot in the door. International students have access to a variety of scholarships, each with a different set of requirements. Additionally, they frequently vary depending on the nation in which you reside. These include, as some instances:

If you’re set on studying in the UK, it’s vital to take advantage of all your options to make sure you choose a location and institution you’ll adore.

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