Nigeria loan platforms that offer low interest rate in 2023

You would agree with me that it is uncommon to be able to obtain a loan in Nigeria or personal finance for your undertakings or endeavors. Because of this, the majority of consumers search for online lending services that can provide them with access to this money at lower interest rates.


If you know how and when to approach the businesses or organizations that have the money to lend to you, getting a loan in Nigeria with less stress associated with repayment can be simple.

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With the new method they have successfully established to readily obtain loans in Nigeria, financial technology businesses have today made getting a loan in Nigeria so simple.


These Lending Industrial provide easy, rapid loans without collateral,


platform in Nigeria where one can obtain a loan


Let’s take a look at some of these Nigerian sites for lending money that will help you obtain a loan.


 Aella Credit

        Depending on the amount you wish to borrow, Aella Credit can assist employees in obtaining a loan between 1,500 and 700,000 with an interest rate ranging from 4% to 29%.


Currently, Ghana, Nigeria, and the Philippines accept Aella credit.


One benefit of Aella Credit is that applying for a loan doesn’t require a lot of paperwork; all you need is an Android phone.


What is the eligibility criteria for loans through Aella Credit?


  • App for mobile devices
  • Conditions: BVN
  • Interest rate: 4-29 percent
  • No, top up
  • Loan period: one to two months
  • Channels for repayment: Direct debit


Zedvance Limited 

     You can borrow up to 3 Million Naira from Zedvance Limited in less than 24 hours with minimal hassle and paperwork.


This FINTECH business is a consumer finance organization tasked with giving people access to credit.


 The interest rate mostly depends on your negotiating skills and the degree of risk associated with the loan. It is for the nation’s wage earners.


The amount of the quick cash loan from Zedvance Limited is mostly based on your net salary, with interest rates ranging from 4.0% to 4.5%.


As an illustration, the total repayment for a loan of N70,000 for 4 months will be N82,456.



   Over 200,000 Nigerian citizens and small enterprises have received loans from Renmony. This loan’s overall value is likely to exceed $50 billion.


The personal loans and microloans offered by Renmoney are made to comfortably fulfill your demands. So, regardless of whether you work or own your own business, you are eligible for a loan up to £6,000,000.


An illustration of how Renmoney functions


       A $2,000,000 loan was taken out over 12 months. 35.76% interest rate Payable in whole is $2,715,200.

35.76% is the maximum annual percentage rate (APR). 0 additional fees. 3-6 months for a loan.



 This FINTECH business is an efficient online lending platform that provides quick, no-collateral short-term loans for pressing requirements and expenses.


With Paylater, you can get loans ranging in size from N500,000 to N1,000,000 at various interest rates ranging from 5 to 12.6%. The risk involved and monetary activity via your BVN decide the loan amount.


An illustration of how Paylater functions


       You requested a loan for N70,000, and the computer generated N68,500 automatically (meaning some charges of about N2,000 have been incurred). The system also set the interest rate for a four-month repayment period at 12% per month, or N25,345 each month.


Simply put, this means that in exchange for a loan of N70,000 in January 2020, you would give Paylater N101,380 in April 2020.


What qualifications must you meet in order to use PayLater?


  • App for mobile devices
  • 12–15% interest rate (Depending on risk level)
  • Payment methods: Debit card
  • Loan term: three to twelve months
  • BVN, address, and passport photo are necessary.
  • No Kwikmoney topping up (Mines)
  • You may easily acquire quick, rapid, low-interest loans with Kwikmoney. On Kwikmoney, you can obtain a loan for up to N15,000 at a 15% interest rate for 15 days (a half-month).


You might be interested to know that kwikmoney provides internet-based, app-based, and USSD lending choices if you’re looking to secure a loan in Nigeria. To make personal banking services comfortable and available to all Nigerians, they also collaborate with banks, mobile network operators, and technology firms.


What are the conditions for obtaining a loan with Kwikmoney (Mines)?


  • Channels for repayment: Direct debit
  • Platform: BVN mobile app and USSD
  • Loan 15% interest rate
  • Loan period: one month
  • No, top up


Rosabon Finance Fast Credit

 Please take note that Rosabon Finance Quick Loan offers a N70,000 loan with monthly interest rates ranging from 4 to 6%.


Roberto’s Finance One of the quickest and simplest ways to get personal loans in Nigeria without collateral is through Quick Loan.


What is the eligibility criteria for Rosabon Finance Quick Loan loans?


Rosabon Finance has a number of standards you must meet before applying for a quick cash loan.


  • Having a paid job, being between the ages of 21 and 58,
  • own a salary account, pension account, or tax identification number,
  • Have a current utility bill and a valid form of identification.



     FINT Loan runs in a distinctive manner. This company connects potential lenders (lenders looking for money) with creditworthy borrowers in exchange for a competitive return and a tempting interest rate.


Depending on the risk rating of the borrower, FINT interest rates might range from 3% to 5% monthly.


Additionally, FINT Loan provides a quick loan with a rate of interest based on risk score, which is calculated using a numerical expression based on an examination of a person’s data and net salary.


The borrower is subject to two one-time fees from FINT. The first payment is a 3,000 Naira verification cost, and the second is an 8% closing fee. Before the fully funded loan is disbursed, the closing fee must be paid. A transfer fee of 1.8% plus NGN100 is additionally charged to the borrower.


Visit the FINT website right now to submit an application for a loan.



   SMEDAN is a federal government-supported program that provides quick and simple business loans to Nigerian SME companies in need of funding. The organization’s primary goals include encouraging Nigerians to start their own businesses and providing the necessary funding.


Additionally, this program offers practical training and assistance to business owners to help them manage their operations.


Page Financials

     Page Financials, this company is an innovative retail financial institution that offers a range of quick personal and salary advance loans to satisfy her clients’ financial demands.


To obtain a loan with page Finacial, there are six steps. The first step is entering your BVN information.


Page Financials, also known as Pledge Finance, offers a daily rate of 0.5% for its loan, which accrues on the issuing of its debit cards.


The applicant has fewer than three hours to acquire a rapid loan of up to five million naira.


Additionally, the preload amount on your Pledge Finance debit card can be up to N500,000 based on your NET monthly revenue. Additionally, Page Financials charges a one-time cost of N1,500 for the card, which has a three-year validity.


In summary


You can acquire loans through the official websites of this money-lending business in Nigeria. Also keep in mind that this material may not contain all the details you require in order to obtain quick cash loans in Nigeria.

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