How To Secure An Access Bank Loan Easily And Quickly (An Update Guide In 2023)

Everyone in Nigeria has experienced having to take a loan at some point, whether it was from a close friend or from a business.


The purpose of the Access bank loan is to meet the necessity that prompted your first request.


Types of Loans Access Bank Provides

Loans for the Creative Sector: These loans from the Central Bank of Nigeria are intended to help people and enterprises in the fashion, information technology, filmmaking and distribution, music, and other sectors grow their capacities and create jobs.

Targeted for non-salary account holders who have been doing business with the bank for at least six months, Lending Against Turnover (LATO) is an instant loan product. This kind of loan lasts for 30 days without requesting any paperwork from the recipient or providing any security. The Access Bank loan code, *901*11*1#, makes it simple to apply for this kind of loan. The USSD code for loans in Nigeria is below.

Personal loans: Through a program for managing salaries, these loans are aimed at employees to help them with their needs. It has a 36-month duration and is flexible.

Pay Advance: Access Bank offers employees the opportunity to borrow up to 100% of their net monthly salary. It is simple to apply for with their Quick Bucks app or USSD code and doesn’t require any paperwork or collateral. Within three months, the person must reimburse.

Get a loan up to N100,000 at Nigeria’s most competitive rates.

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Access Bank would lend you up to 400% of your net monthly salary for a small ticket personal loan. This loan must be paid back within 12 months, per the terms.

The W Power Loan from Access Bank helps female-owned businesses get the funding they need. They have access to credit and loan opportunities thanks to W Power Loan.


You can borrow money as a parent or a guardian to cover your child’s or ward’s education expenses. You can obtain a loan of this kind to pay for professional training programs and certificates as well.

Device Finance is a loan program from Access Bank that can help you pay for the purchase of mobile devices.

Maternal Health Service Support (MHSS): This type of loan is used to pay for procedures connected to conception, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Vehicle Finance: Access Bank’s vehicle finance loan provides you with the funds you need to buy a new car conveniently if you’ve been looking for a way to do so. It is accessible to wage earners, owners of SME businesses, and corporate entities. You have access to a wide range of suppliers, and the loan must be repaid in full within 48 months.

Using this website, you can quickly evaluate loans from many lenders to simplify the process and guarantee that you make the best choice possible for your circumstances. This is the most effective technique to balance various benefits and drawbacks and then decide what to do.


Access Bank Loan Requirements & Money Borrowing Information


A business plan or an estimate of the amount your company needs is required for the creative industry loan.

You must have a phone number associated with your BVN and provide proof that you received a salary check in the preceding month to qualify for the LATO loan, small ticket personal loan, and salary advance loan.

A letter of lien, a completed application form, an employer’s confirmation form, a copy of your employment ID, your BVN (see how to check your BVN), and credit checks are required for personal loans.

W power loans are only available to businesses that are 50% owned by women, have been in existence for at least a year, and employ at least two people.

For a school fee advance, you need a properly completed application form, a properly accepted offer letter, a bill or invoice for the student’s tuition, a valid ID card, and a recent utility bill from the previous three months.

Repaying an Access Bank Loan

If Access Bank grants you a loan, they will fully explain to you how to pay it back.


After roughly 30 days of receipt for the majority of the products, you will make monthly installment payments. In order to relieve your burden from having to visit your banks, this sum is automatically withdrawn from your account each month.


This peculiarity is not exclusive to Acess Bank. The similar approach was used for the Zenith Bank loan, among other things.


Question and Answer


The following are typical inquiries about obtaining bank loans:


  1. What follows the approval of your loan?


You typically receive payment within 24 hours of your loan being authorized. Nevertheless, this time frame could be extended depending on the bank or lender involved. In some banks, you might also need to present specific paperwork before you can withdraw the money.


You can get your money from Loanspotafrica minutes after the loan is approved, making it one of the lenders with the fastest loan payouts.


  1. What is the cost of the loan application?

Lenders typically charge a percentage as part of the loan application procedure. Typically, it can vary by up to 5%. In an effort to draw in more consumers, most lenders no longer impose loan application costs in recent years. The best loan services are currently provided by websites like loanspotafrica, which do not charge any fees for loan applications.


  1. What will happen if I am unable to repay the loan when it is due?


Your agreement will determine the specific penalty that will be imposed if you are unable to make a timely repayment. Usually, the penalties are imposed after a default and are outlined in the loan terms and conditions. The majority of lenders either raise their interest rate or sell their collateral. On the due date, Access Bank will automatically deduct the amount due from your account.


The good news is that don’t demand collateral and don’t use force to make people return loans after the due date has passed. To ensure you nearly never miss the due date, they use a flexible repayment plan.




Access Bank has made it easier for Nigerians to receive speedy loans by providing a range of loan products to select from. To make things simpler for you, they offer a variety of ways through which you may easily obtain their loans and submit further inquiries. Their QuickBucks App, Internet Banking, WhatsApp Banking, and Access Mobile App are a few of their channels.


To access the Development Bank Loan, you can also visit any Access bank branch.

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