How To Get A Car Loan In Nigeria

Would you accept a loan if I told you that you could use it to buy the car of your dreams? There are several legitimate ways to obtain a loan to purchase a car, and in this blog post, you will learn how to do so in Nigeria.


How To Get A Car Loan In Nigeria

What is a Car loan?

A sort of auto finance known as a car loan enables a person to borrow money from a lender to buy an automobile.


What to do before getting a Car loan

There are specific requirements for obtaining a car loan in Nigeria, which you should learn about and take into account if that’s what you intend to do.


Before obtaining a car loan, think about;


The Cost of the Car and the Repayment terms


In Nigeria, automobile loan payments are often made monthly in installments. Repayment durations may range from 60 to 72 months or longer. Depending on the auto financing company, it differs. Nevertheless, you should be aware that lengthier repayment terms result in lower monthly payments and a higher likelihood of paying a higher overall interest rate. Decide carefully on the length of your loan payback.


The interest rate associated with the car loan and associated charges.

Several auto loan finance companies cover the entire cost of the car, while others do not. The majority will ask you to pay for the automobile in full up front, while some will pay 60% of the entire cost and ask you to pay the remaining 40%. Some auto loans stipulate that you pay an agreed-upon sum of money (APR) as part of the auto loan. You may select the best vehicle loan financing plan for you by taking the interest rates and costs into account.

Consider if the car loan has mileage limits

Your ability to drive may be limited by the car dealer if you finance your auto loan through the dealership. One of the things you should watch out for is this.

Most importantly, be sure you have a reliable source of income before applying for a car loan in Nigeria. Defaulters are not treated gently by many auto lenders in Nigeria, I assure you. Some just tack on a default fee, while others go so far as to seize the vehicle (car loan by a dealership or some banks).

Requirements Needed to get a Car Loan in Nigeria

Before one may be considered for a loan, there is usually a prerequisite. The minimum qualifications to qualify for a car loan in Nigeria are listed below, however keep in mind that they differ depending on the lending institution.

Applicants for loans must be at least 18 years old.

Candidates must have a consistent source of income (paid employment or entrepreneurship)

shall deliver a bank statement. Depending on the financial institution, etc., bank statements might be from six months to two years old.

Easy steps on how to get a car loan in Nigeria

Once you’ve decided on the type of car you want, figure out how much it will cost and an approximate loan amount that will pay for it.

Apply for a car loan with a financial institution of your choosing (online or offline)

Get 40% of the cost of the car, then pay for auto insurance. The financial institution you are borrowing money from will determine this.


Obtain a proforma invoice—a draft invoice that details your interest in a particular vehicle and its price—and get the dealership to approve it.

Present your lender with the authorized invoice and any other necessary paperwork.

Then, be patient while your application for a car loan is processed. If your loan is accepted, you will receive the funds right away, or you will be given the option to lease the vehicle.


Ways you can get a Car Loan in Nigeria

In Nigeria, you can obtain a loan to purchase an automobile using the following methods:


Private lenders

This is a reference to online loan services like Fairmoney, Quickcash, Branch, PalmCredit, Carbon, etc. The most popular option to obtain a vehicle loan in Nigeria is through private lenders, but before you can access a bigger amount that would cover the cost of purchasing a car, you must enhance your credit history.


Direct lending from banks and credit unions

In Nigeria, there are many banks that provide auto loans to wage earners through their auto lease programs. Access Bank, First Bank, UBA Auto Loan, FCMB, Autochek, CreditVille limited, Opticom Finance, StartCredit, and Rosabon Financial Services are a few of the greatest banks and credit organizations from whom you can obtain financing for the purchase of a car.


Dealership Financing

In Nigeria, one of the practical ways to purchase an automobile is through dealership finance. All you need to do is apply for a loan at a car dealer’s finance office. You can select the car of your choosing from the available selections if the loan is authorized.


Final Thoughts

All people desire to possess an automobile, yet many convince themselves that they cannot afford one. The luxury lifestyle you desire should not be constrained by a lack of money. It is feasible to obtain a car loan in Nigeria, just like in America, but you must be aware of how the procedure works in order to be better prepared and to guarantee that you can return the loan when it is due.


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