Get the Funds You Need: How to Get Loans From GT Bank in 2023

Get the things you need when you need them.

The correct funding for your individual needs is offered by GT personal loans, which also provide you with all the security you need.


Each Loan


For your personal requirements and the projects you care about, choose from a wide choice of clear loan offerings from Guaranteed Trust Bank. The loans that you can obtain from GT Bank are listed below:


Advance on Salary


Up to 50% of your net monthly compensation can be paid in advance. available to employees of private businesses and governmental organizations who have active* salary accounts registered to GTBank.


What do you get out of it?


50% of the net monthly compensation may be paid in advance.

thirty-day duration. Renewable each month.

No deposit is necessary.

For public sector employees, the minimum pay is N 25,000, and for private sector workers, it is N 50,000.

It will take 24 hours to make the salary advance available.


Applying for a Salary Advance


Enter *737*8*2# to apply after logging into Internet Banking.

Go to any local GTBank location or ATM.


School Fees in Advance


A lending facility called “School Fees Advance” is intended to help you pay for your child’s or ward’s tuition at schools and institutions in Nigeria alone. Employees of respected governmental and commercial organizations who get their paychecks from the Bank are eligible for this facility.


Why should you care?


Advances on up to N5 million in school fees. Maximum tenor per request is four months.

extremely low interest rate Equal principle and interest payments made each month.


Quick access to money so you can pay the school fees for your children or wards.

How to Request School Fee Advances

Send in your filled-out application and the employer undertaking form.

Bill for school fees as well as credit insurance.

Obtain a corporate guarantee or make sure the employee terminal benefit is domiciled in GTBank.


Rapid Credit


You can now obtain the money you require immediately as a salaried person and repay it over a period of up to 12 months. With Quick Credit, you can get up to N5 million at a monthly interest rate of 2.0%.

Not a Hidden Fee.


Why Should You Care?


Receive up to three times your monthly salary.

up to a 12-month convenient payback schedule.

There is no penalty for pre-liquidation.

2.0% monthly interest rate

What to Do

By dialing *737*51*51#, you can make an immediate QuickCredit request.

All GTBank online and mobile banking platforms offer QuickCredit as well (Internet Banking, GTWorld and GTBank Mobile App)




MaxAdvance is made to make personal loans available to employees of specific corporate and governmental entities who have staff salary accounts with us.




N100,000 to N10,000,000 is the facility amount.

Term: 3 to 48 Months

Principal and interest are repaid in an equal amount each month. Monthly payments cannot be more than 33.3% of net monthly income.

Support/Comfort: Salary domiciliation, Corporate Guarantee Benefits, Credit Insurance, or Staff Terminal Benefit domiciliation

a flexible loan with an all-purpose objective to help you meet your financial needs.




You can meet your financial goals with a flexible payback schedule thanks to MaxPlus’s larger lending facility and more flexibility. Platinum customers with Bank-domiciled salary accounts are eligible. There are terms and conditions.


What do you get out of it?


Obtain a loan of $6,000,000 to $50,000,000.

a maximum 60-month term. Repayment cannot go over 50% of net monthly income.

Equal principle and interest payments are made each month.

No deposit is necessary.

What is required?

Form for applying to MaxPlus

Form for Employee Engagement


Computer Acquisition Methodology


To help existing Corps members who have allowance accounts with the Bank fund the purchase of mobile devices that will be paid for during the service year, the Computer Acquisition Scheme provides a facility (time loan).




Customers can purchase a property in a few specific places around the nation with the help of GTMortgage’s loan facilities if their salary or business profits are domiciled with the bank.


Advanced Premium


A revolving overdraft facility added to your Debit Naira MasterCard, Premium Advance is always accessible when you need money the most.


Travel Ahead


When You Need One, Take a Break.

19 Traveladvantage

In order to help our customers who have salary accounts domiciled with the Bank with their travel needs, we created the Travel Advance time loan.


Travel Advance can be used for:


Reservation for a hotel and flight

Transfer and Airport Pickup

excursions and events


Finance for Vehicle Insurance Premiums


Vehicle Insurance Premium Financing is a time loan that allows businesses and salaried owners (whose accounts are housed with the bank) to pay for their auto insurance premium in advance and extend the payments over a year.




Individuals can borrow between N20,000 and N1,000,000 and between N20,000 and N5,000,000 (Corporate)

Tenor: 1 year at most

Pricing: 1.67% per month is the interest rate.

Principal and interest are repaid in equal monthly installments.

Equity Contribution: 20% of the entire cost of the insurance premium


Charges: 1% one-time flat cost


What do you get out of it?


  • Quickly accessible finances for paying insurance premiums.
  • Possibility of paying insurance premiums monthly
  • Insurance protection without having to go to the insurance office


Who May Apply?


All SME’s and Corporates with accounts domiciled with the Bank and access to GAPs; Individual Customers with Salary Accounts Domiciliated with the Bank


What to Do


  1. You can use Internet Banking or GAPS to submit an application for the financing of vehicle insurance premiums.


  1. Loan is immediately obtained


  1. The insurance service provider processes the customer’s policy in less than 48 hours.


  1. The customer receives a copy of the insurance certificate via email.


  1. The borrower makes monthly loan repayments.

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